Writer | Editor

I wield words and ply punctuation for individuals and brands that make the world a little better. 

Book Editing

I use my six years’ experience at a London Literary Agency to make my clients’ books the very best they can be. And once they are shipshape, I help to get them into the right hands; either via traditional publishing or Amazon Kindle Direct.

Content Creation

Your business, your ideas, my words, no hassle.

I write blog posts, articles and social media posts for people that, quite frankly,  have better things to do.


I work with brands and individuals to write creative copy for websites, Kickstarter campaigns, PR materials and more.

I only work with companies that have strong ethical and eco-conscious values. If this is you, please get in touch.

As well as being a writer and editor, I’m also a nomad, minimalist and joy-seeker; happiest in the fresh air, fond of a good pun, and sluggish without coffee.

Oh, and I put butter on everything.


Find out how I got here, here. 

Simple | Sustainable | Creative

I create content about living life a little differently, in the hope that it might inspire others to do so. 

A Blog

Thoughts on and stories from living a simple, sustainable and creative life. Or at least that’s the idea.

Weekly Letters

Every Thursday I send out a link to my latest blog post along with some added inspiration, words of encouragment and #IRL stories.

A Podcast: There are Other Ways. 

Interviews with people living life a little differently.

Coming Spring 2017.

Creativity and Anxiety: Two sides of the same coin

“It wasn’t Lyra’s way to brood; she was a sanguine and practical child, and besides, she wasn’t imaginative. No one with much imagination would have thought seriously that it was possible to come all this way and rescue her friend Roger; or having thought it, an...
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There Are Other Ways

When I left university at 22, I thought there was only one path I could take: move to London, do some work experience, and then accept the first job that was offered to me. I knew nothing of digital nomadism, working freelance or entrepreneurship. I didn’t...
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C&C: How to Create a Content Schedule

I have never been a regular blogger. Erratic is probably the most suitable word to describe my posting schedule since I started my first blog almost five years ago. Yet, I now have a proper content strategy and calendar in place, and, touch wood, I am sticking to it....
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