Everyone has a story to tell.

Let’s tell yours.


Hello there!

I’m Fiona, and I help thoughtful creatives share their story through clear and cohesive copy and content.

I have a knack for finding the right words, and a passion for helping creative entrepreneurs increase their impact while building sustainable businesses.

Brand storytelling is more than crisp copy and cracking content 

(although it includes both).

Brand storytelling is about crafting a cohesive identity for your business. One that doesn’t just say what you do, but how, why and for whom.

Unlike the conventional copywriting process, which begins with what your clients want to hear, brand storytelling starts with you,  your story and what you have to offer.

Because of this, you don’t just get words-on-a-screen. You also get:


The process of curating your brand story will sweep away all your business-related uncertainty.  It will leave you clear-sighted, and with a neatly fitted-together brand.


Storytelling is how we connect to other humans. Sharing your story let’s you forge relationships based on more than just an exchange of goods or services.


Brand storytelling isn’t about making quick sales, but about building long-term, financially sustainable businesses, that have a real and lasting impact.

I also create content for thoughtful creatives

(rather like your lovely self):


I write a blog about living a simple, sustainable and creative life (or trying to anyway).

Letter & Notes.

Every Monday morning I share stories and insights from my own adventures in running a thoughtful, creative business. 

I also include a few notes and links that I think might be of interest. 

There are worse things to find in your inbox on a Monday morning. 


There Are Other Ways: Conversations about living life a little differently.

Coming February 2018.

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