C&C: How to Create a Content Schedule


I have never been a regular blogger. Erratic is probably the most suitable word to describe my posting schedule since I started my first blog almost five years ago. Yet, I now have a proper content strategy and calendar in place, and, touch wood, I am sticking to it. So what’s changed? Well, unfortunately, what everyone says is true: the best way to grow your blog, or any online platform, is with consistency. There isn’t really a way around it. Posting blogs and other content frequently and regularly is the most reliable way to bring in and keep readers and…


Lessons learnt from my first nine months as a digital nomad, and freelance writer and editor.


When I left the UK in early January for Bali, I had just one goal: to make the digital nomad lifestyle sustainable. I knew from pretty early on last year that I did not want to return to London and conventional full-time employment once my travels were over, nor did I want to continue backpacking and living off my rapidly diminishing savings pot. I needed a sustainable and reliable income stream that would cover all my living costs, while allowing me to be wherever I wanted in the world. I’m now on my way to meeting my goal, so if…


Why you should take part in NaNoWriMo


I have a confession to make. When I worked at a literary agency in London I hated NaNoWriMo. My Twitter timeline would be flooded with people talking about it all November, and then once the month was over, my inbox flooded with the results. It used to irk me no end, and I never understood it, or its appeal. Who were these people? What on earth made them think they could write a novel in a month? A MONTH? That’s ridiculous. Writing novels is hard work. It takes time. Years even. It’s a serious business. REAL writers don’t write novels…


How to Get Creatively Unblocked


This paragraph in The Artist’s Way is the most heavily underlined and starred in my whole copy of the book: “Shadow artists are gravitating to their rightful tribe but cannot yet claim their birthright….Shadow artists often choose shadow careers – those close to the desired art, even parallel to it, but not the art itself. Noting their venom, Francois Truffant contended that critics were themselves blocked directors, as he had been when he was a critic. He may be right. Intended fiction writers often go into newspapering or advertising, where they can use their gift without taking the plunge into…

create good 3

You don’t have to create something good, in order to create.


When you were younger did you ever just spend the afternoon with a big box of crayons and a pile of white paper? Or open your own “Mud Cafe” in the treehouse in your garden, serving a selection of delectable offerings made from different coloured dirt, leaves and twigs (just me? oh.). Or go over to a friend’s house to make up stories about what happens when their collection of toys meets your collection of toys and the future of the world is at stake? We all took art classes, and design classes, and wrote stories and poems in English,…