A Brand Storytelling Workshop at Oak Tree Barn

Sep 30, 2018

November 9th at Oak Tree Barn, Burrington, North Somerset 
I really believe that the one thing that holds back so many creative businesses is that they aren’t clearly articulating the value that they offer to their potential clients or customers. If someone looking at your website or Instagram page can’t quickly and easily see how what you do, or sell, will impact their life, then they’re not going to part with their money. However much they might like you. And more often than not the reason this isn’t clear is because the business owner themselves isn’t quite sure of the value that they offer – and that makes stating what it is rather tricky! 
Working out what this value is, and then clearly and concisely articulating it, is essentially what I do for all my copywriting clients. I’ve seen the impact that knowing this has had, not just on their bottom lines, but on how they feel about their businesses and how much easier they find it to move forward. So I wanted to help more people figure this out for themselves and for their businesses. And this workshop is what I’ve come up with. 
The day will be split into two halves. The first half is all about working out what your brand story is. Your brand story is your value. It’s what problems or issues your clients or customers have before they find you, how you solve them, and the place you get them to. The second half is all about articulating this story through a snappy tagline, and a clear and concise mission statement for your business. We will also outline your Work With Me page, or product descriptions, and your About page as well. 
Above all you will come away with a sense of clarity, and a route map for the path ahead, for you and your business.

Also included:

  • A workbook sent to you a week before the workshop to get you started on thinking about the story of your brand, and to give me a heads up on your business so I can start thinking about how I can help you best.  
  • Coffee on arrival
  • A delicious lunch cooked by Vanessa (please let us know any dietary requirements beforehand)
  • A walk after lunch to clear our heads and get our creative juices flowing (I always have my best ideas outside!) 
  • Email support from me afterwards, including feedback on any additional copy you might write. 

If you have any questions whatsoever, then please do get in touch. 

(All photography on this page is courtesy of Vanessa at Oak Tree Barn)

November 9th | Oak Tree Barn, Burrington, North Somerset

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Investment: £85