You know what you want to say, you just can’t seem to, well, say it.

You have a cracking idea, a well-honed skill, or a beautiful product. Perhaps you already have a strong visual identity and website.

But every time you sit down to write your copy or content, it comes out wrong.

Your paragraphs buckle under the weight of too many words, yet you still don’t feel you’ve said what you want to say.

You don’t know how to sound both professional and human (the holy grail of copywriting), and it all sounds a bit flat and boring.

But don’t fret. I’m here to help. 

Before we go any further, here are a few things I believe in:

I believe in stories. I believe that sharing our story is how we forge real relationships with people.

I believe in small, ethical businesses. In crafters, makers and designers. In creative entrepreneurs and change-makers.

I believe in doing things a little differently. I don’t believe in copy that says what it should, just as I don’t believe in living life as you should.

How it works:

I split the process of brand storytelling into two parts. 

1 // Working out what you want to say. 

2 // Saying it. 


1 // Working out what you want to say: Creating a brand map.

Whether you’ve been in business for a while, or are just starting out, it’s so important to take the time to think about what it is you actually want to say.

I know how easy it is to get impatient, to feel like you just need to get something up, and to dive headfirst into website word play. But this is a one-way street to sloppy copy.

Good copy needs a clear direction. 

I therefore start each and every project I take on by guiding clients through my own, thoughtfully designed, brand mapping process. This not only helps my clients reach a whole new level of clarity, but also gives me a deep understanding on which to base my copy and content.  

When we are both crystal clear on who you are, who you are attracting, what you do, how you do it, and why you do it – that is when the magic happens! 

Through  a series of worksheets and Skype conversations, we will dig deep into your business, brand and story; curating a crisp mission statement, authentic brand values and beliefs, snappy tagline and bio, dream client profile, and more. 

I will then pull all of this together into a neat brand map, a document which will contain everything we both need to direct your readers and prospective clients directly to the core of who you are, and what you do. 

The brand map can also be used as a springboard for future copy, content and social media posts.

2 // Saying it: Copy and content.

Once we have all this in place, we can get cracking on some actual words!

Copy that connects and converts.

I might be a little biased, because words really are my thing, but the way I see it the visual elements of your brand (your logo, photography style, website design etc.) are the sparkly sequins on a jumper. They are great for catching attention, but without the wool, the words, knitting everything together, they’re just a pile of sequins on the floor. You can’t wear them.

(FYI, I have NEVER worn a sequinned jumper in my life.)

Words do the work.

And their work is to generate a connection with readers; to turn casual web browsers into enthusiastic followers; and enthusiastic followers into clients and customers.

Content that shares and serves.

Content was made for storytelling. Every piece you share is an opportunity to tell your brand story and to serve your community.

Too often businesses “bash out” content, wasting time and energy.

Consistent, high quality, intentional content that has real value to your readers is what matters. 

In addition to curating your brand map, we will also co-create a content strategy and three-month content calendar. I will then write your first four pieces of content to get you off to a flying start!

Fiona has been a non-stop saving grace during the set-up and launch of my website! I had such trouble and lost so much time deliberating how to explain the purpose behind my business, and she did it so effortlessly. I loved working with her and will have to stop myself from sending her every email or piece of content I ever upload! I am so grateful and could not have launched this website with the same magic without her!

Victoria Jones

SAYA Designs,

Before I met Fiona, I’d not had great experience with copywriters. I never really felt they got me. I had tried to write my own copy but it was stressing me out. Then I got introduced to Fiona and everything changed. From the initial conversation she genuinely sounded excited about my work, and I was sooooo happy with her and the copy she produced. I highly recommend.

Gina Swire

Brand Storytelling Packages

Brand Map and Website Copy


Small (3 pages): £1500

Medium (4 pages): £1750

Large (5 pages): £2000

Brand Map and Content Strategy


Brand Mapping + Content Strategy + 4 pieces of content (blog or newsletter, 600 to 800 words each): £1500

Each piece of content thereafter: £125

Frequently Asked Questions 

So what actually is Brand Storytelling?

Great question! Here is a blog post I’ve written on what brand storytelling actually is, and why I believe it is so powerful. 


How many clients do you take on at once?

I’m only ever working with two brand storytelling clients at any one time. This means I can give each project my full attention. 

How long will we work together for?

For both of my packages we will be working together for around a month. I’ll be able to give you a more accurate timetable after you sign up. 

What if I just want copywriting or content creation services?

If, for whatever reason, you don’t feel my brand mapping and brand storytelling packages are for you, then please do get in touch anyway. I would be happy to discuss! 

And finally, here’s what to expect on the other side of working with me:

A website that you are proud of; one that authentically articulates who you are, what you believe in, and what it is you offer.

Clarity, confidence, and a greater sense of purpose.

A brand that really stands for something.

A steadily growing tribe of supporters who genuinely care about you and your business.

If this sounds good, then I would really love to chat to you over Skype (or in-person if you are based in Frome as well) so I can learn more about your business, and you can learn more about me and my process.  It’s totally commitment-free, and just to check we are a good fit!

Send me a message using the form below, and we can get it in the diary!

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