Curate & Craft: A brand storytelling workshop

Come and join me and a few fellow creatives for a day spent at my kitchen table, clarifying your brand and messaging. 

“Thank you so much Fiona for such an incredible workshop. I hadn’t expected it to be such a wonderful group of supportive like-minded people. What was most valuable was that you were able to dedicate time to each of us individually which was so so helpful. Your advice was fantastic and you helped me to get clarity on things that have just been whirring round in my head for years now. I felt inspired, nourished and ready to move forward when I left.”

I really believe that the one thing holding back so many creative entrepreneurs and small businesses is that they aren’t clearly articulating the value they offer to their potential clients or customers. 
If someone looking at your website or Instagram page can’t quickly and easily see how what you do, or what you sell, will impact their life, then they’re not going to part with their money; however much they might like you. And more often than not the reason this isn’t clear is because the business owner themselves isn’t sure of this value – and that makes communicating it rather tricky!
This value is, essentially, your brand’s story. A brand story is how what you offer will benefit your client or customer’s life in some way. It includes who you want to serve, the problems that they are currently facing, how and why you will help, and the impact your product or service will have one them. 
Working out this brand story is one of the first things I do for all my copywriting clients, and it is the basis of my brand clarity work as well. I’ve seen the impact that knowing their brand story has on my clients; not just on their bottom lines, but also on how confident they feel about their business, and marketing both it and themselves. 
So I wanted to help more people figure this value out. And this workshop is the result.  
A day spent figuring out your brand story. A day spent with other fellow creative business owners discussing and chatting. A day spent diving deep into who you are as a business and what you really offer. 
Together we will uncover: 
– Who you really want to serve: who you offer the most value to and who you enjoy working with the most. 
– What problems they have that you can help with (both external and internal)
– Why you want to help them, and why you are the best person to do so, including how you and what you offer is different from others in your field. 
– How you help them.
– What they gain from using your product or service, and it positively impacts their life. 
– And how you can communicate all of this to prospective clients or customers. 
I’ve designed the workshop to be beneficial for both product and service based businesses, and whether you are just getting started or have hit a bit of a road-bump and are keen to regain your clarity. 
It will run from 10am to 5pm, will take place at my light-filled flat in central Frome, and will be for a maximum of five participants. It will include a delicious lunch from my favourite Frome restaurant, Nook, plus plenty of coffee and tea, and a sweet treat or two as well. After lunch we will all go for a short walk to refresh our heads! 
I’ve designed the day to be both incredibly useful, and, I hope, enjoyable as well. I believe there is real value in listening to and talking with other creative business owners, and I always hope to create an open and supportive atmosphere. 
More than anything I want you to leave feeling clear and inspired about your business, and excited about getting back to your desk on Monday and putting into practise what you’ve learnt and uncovered. 

This was a very informative and interactive workshop. Fiona created a welcoming space for the group to share, contribute, ask questions and find clarity in their brand story. I left feeling inspired and motivated develop my business. Thank you for a great day!

From start to finish I loved Fiona’s workshop. I instantly felt very welcomed and at home. I loved Fiona’s exercises and walked away with a clear idea of how to tell the story of my brand as an Instagram trainer. I feel much clearer and more confident about why my business offering is unique and how to express that. It also reminded me of how passionate I am about training and I got clear on how to convince clients about the quality and value of my services. The informal and chatty nature of the class was ideal for me. And I loved hearing the other ladies talk about their businesses. I also thought going for a lunch time country walk was genius – it really freshened us up. I came away from the day absolutely buzzing!

Just the workshop

The day’s workshop, and email support from me afterwards. 



The workshop plus a one-on-one Skype call

After the workshop, whenever you are ready, we will chat over Skype for an hour. We can discuss your brand story in detail, and I can help you with communicating it as well. 


Also included in both packages:

  • A workbook sent to you a week before the workshop to get you started on thinking about the story of your brand, and to give me a heads up on your business so I can start thinking about how I can help you best.  
  • Coffee and something sweet on arrival. 
  • A delicious and healthy lunch from my favourite Frome restaurant, Nook. (I’ll send you the menu for you to choose from the week before)
  • A short walk after lunch to clear our heads and get our creative juices flowing (I always have my best ideas outside!)
  • Email contact afterwards, if you have any questions or would like any feedback on what you’ve written.  

* Please note all photographs on this page are courtesy of Alice Whitby (who is brilliant and offers brand photography for creative businesses) and were taken at Oak Tree Barn, not my flat (sadly!)

If you have any questions whatsoever then please do get in touch below!

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