Brand Clarity


Working out how what you do and who you are fit together. 


You are either taking your first tentative steps into being a creative entrepreneur, or have been running your small business for a while but feel like you have lost focus. You are passionate about what you do, devoted to your clients or customers, and really keen to make an impact.
But you are too close to it all to see it clearly.
You feel disparate and scattered online, and know you don’t have a clear message.
Your content is all over the place as you don’t know who exactly it is you are creating it for.
You feel in competition with every other person in your field, and don’t know how to stand out.
You don’t know how to blend who you are with what you do and why you do it. 
And you know that if you don’t know why someone should hire or buy from you, then your readers, customers or clients sure as hell won’t either.
You’re spinning your wheels, trying to figure it all out, and it’s holding you back from moving forward. 
But you don’t have to do it alone. 

I’d really like to help.

(Please excuse me while I toot my own horn for a minute!)

Here are a few things I’m good at:

ONE //

Connecting the dots, finding common threads, and piecing things together in a way that makes sense.  


TWO //

Putting into words what you are currently struggling to say. 


Knowing what will connect and which parts of your story will resonate the most with your audience.

More than anything, I want to help you create your own lane. 

The online, creative world is rather busy at the moment! There are a lot of people all trying to occupy a similar space, and it can be really easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to them, or following someone else’s lead. 

Yet I firmly believe that if you want to build a long-term, sustainable business then you need to find a way to create your own lane. To bring what makes you unique as a person into your brand, and use it to fuel your business. 

In order to do this, you need clarity. You need to know how you stand out, and why. You need to build your brand with intention.

And that’s what I want to help you do. 

The Process:

ONE //

I will send you a questionnaire to fill out, all about your brand and business.  I will then get my thinking cap on, have a good ponder on you and your brand, and come up with a few ideas on how we can weave things together. 

TWO //

We will chat! Over the course of a 60-minute Skype call we’ll dig deep into your brand and business, and start to pull the threads together. We’ll talk about everything from what value you offer, to your own story and why you are drawn to do what you do. 



 I’ll pull together a brand map for you, outlining your brand story, brand values and beliefs, and brand mission. I’ll also  curate your key messaging, writing a brand statement, short bio, and any social bios you need.


A few weeks later, we will chat again for another hour. We’ll go over what I’ve come up with, tighten up the language where needed, and tackle any outstanding issues. We’ll then talk about where you and your business can go from here. 

Fiona came into my life at the exact moment I needed her. Drowning in a sea of thoughts re: how my business was growing and changing, I had no idea how to move forward. Fiona listened to me ramble on and on about it all, and asked clarifying questions that really helped me come back to myself. I finally feel like I know where I’m going, understand what my purpose is and have a long-term plan (for literally the first time ever).

Cait Flanders

author of The Year of Less

Your investment:

Two 60-minute Skype calls, plus a brand map: £250.

If in a few months, or even a year’s time, you decide you would like to hire me to write your website, I will deduct this fee from the price! 

To get started, simply fill in the form below: