Client Stories

“Even after the first session, we had SO much more clarity (and this is our word of the year!). You have helped us step gently back from the business to view it with fresh eyes, and you’ve stepped back with us. We feel very much that you are part of our team and have understood who we are, what our business is, and what it means to us (our first baby!)
We are still going through the process, and although we have felt a little murky about things for a while, we are definitely feeling there is more clarity now. We are feeling more confident, braver in our direction. We are nurturing, giving time for, and loving our business more. Your mentoring has given us the space and encouragement to do this.
Your gentle, encouraging, straight forward approach is helping us to shape the business into what we’ve always dreamt it could be.”
Sarah and Suzi
Sarah Mason Photography |
Build a Bridge – Three Months Creative Business Mentoring
“I heard you on Jen Carrington’s podcast, and the way you spoke about telling a brand’s story really resonated with me as I felt that’s where I really needed clarity in my business.
You were able to take all of my jumbled ideas and form a cohesive story throughout my entire business that speaks clearly to the customers I am aiming my products towards. I feel I am now talking to one person know instead of trying to aim for everyone and anyone. I’m narrowing down my focus so I can structure my work to that market, and in the future choose clients that resonate with me rather then having to take anyone and everyone! 
If I was to recommend you to a friend I would say you are amazing at helping people to get clarity about their brand! You’ve helped me find who I really wanted to work with, and read between the lines of my muddled thoughts to come up with a cohesive story to tell.”

Lila Marie

Lila Marie Moments |

Clear the Fog Mentoring

“Every once in a while, I happen upon someone on the internet who stands out because of their authenticity and realness.  In a world of assertive influencers, it’s refreshing to find people who are honest and approachable. Fiona initially captured my attention by what she expressed through the screen, from her heartfelt writing to her thought-provoking podcast, There Are Other Ways.  What I uncovered was a gifted storyteller who genuinely cares about helping creatives discover the words to tell their own stories.

I reached out to Fiona, halfway across the world, without a proper introduction or recommendation.  My intuition led me to that decision and it was the best choice I’ve made in ages. She was the missing link I needed to make my website a reality and I give her so much credit for the launch of The House of Less.  From the minute I started working with her, she made me feel at ease and comfortable. It never felt like an impersonal, business relationship, but rather a friendly dialogue between two peers. She has that rare ability to encourage you to open your mind and seek what it is you’re trying to put out there in the world.  She instinctively asks the right questions and most importantly, listens carefully to your responses. Somehow, she magically puts it all together to create exactly what has been on your heart and mind but has felt impossible to put into words. The window she helped me open has allowed an abundance of creativity to unleash itself in my life and in my writing.

Thank you Fiona, for all you’ve done to bring my story to life. Your expertise and encouragement mean more to me than you can imagine!”

Karen Hendley

The House of Less | 

“I really love how supportive and engaged you are, and that you respond fast and in a very full fashion. Your help on my website was fab, and also I’m increasing in confidence as I see I can do this – you’ve helped with that too.

You’re supportive and engaged and very helpful. You’ve got great ideas, experience of what I’m working on, and are generous in your sharing.”
Sarah Layton
Build a Bridge – Three Months Creative Business Mentoring