Content Strategy and Creation


Helping you express yourself, and find and connect to your community.

You want to build your business, yes, but you also want to really connect to people and build relationships. 

You want to offer value to your community, build trust and demonstrate your expertise. 

You want to be part of a wider dialogue, you want to express yourself, and your ideas and opinions. 

You know the answer is content marketing (or at least that’s what you’ve been told. Repeatedly.) but you don’t really know where to start. Plus, it all seems rather time and energy consuming, two things your business doesn’t exactly leave you in excess of. 

If this is the case then, if you’ll excuse me for being rather bold, why not hire me to help?! 

I’m rather good at three things:


Knowing what will connect and resonate with your audience. What they will want to share with their tribe,  and what they will derive real value from. 


Seeing and understanding your content ecosystem as a whole, and how each individual stream  can work best for you. 


Writing  – it is how I make my living afterall! I love writing story-driven content that pulls the personal together with a purpose. 

The process: 


We will chat together over Skype, or in-person if you can get to Frome, and come up with a strategy for your brand and content. 


After our conversation I will come up with both a brand map, and a content strategy and three-month content calendar. 

Writing or editing

After we’ve agreed on the strategy I will then either write your content from scratch, or edit it once you’ve sent me rough drafts. 

If you would like to work together on your content, then you have two options: 

Content strategy + content creation

If you want someone else (me!) to do the actual writing! This is perfect if you find writing a little difficult and time-consuming. We will discuss each piece of content in detail before I write it, and I will make sure it is written in your brand voice. 

Packages start at £800 a month / 4 pieces of content



Content strategy + content editing

If you want to do the writing, but aren’t feeling confident in it just yet! I will help you generate ideas, edit and provide feedback on each piece you write, and make sure that it says what you want it to say clearly and concisely. 

Packages start at £450 a month / 4 pieces of content



If you are interested then please fill in the form below, and I will email you to arrange a commitment-free discovery call. This is simply a chance for us to get-to-know each other better, and for me to work out how best I can serve you. After our conversation I will send you a proposal outlining how I think we can best work together.