You don’t have to do it alone. 


for thoughtful creatives. 

Are you feeling creatively stale and stagnant? 

Does your business feel a bit messy? Are you worried you’ve lost your sense of direction, and a clear message along with it?   

Have you just started your creative business and are feeling horribly overwhelmed, unsure of what to do and where to start? 

If any of these are true, then I’d love to help you.
Because I’ve been through the wringer in my own creative life and business.
I’ve been blocked and stuck  and broke and confused and lonely. And I know how horrible it is. 
 But I’ve also made connections and fostered a community, found clarity and moved forward despite my fears, created things I’m really proud of, and built a business that brings in a sustainable stream of income AND lets me get outside for a long muddy walk every day. 
 I want to help you do the same, but in your own way. I want to help you build the business you want. 
 I can’t make you any promises. There is, sadly, no silver bullet or 10-step formula when it comes to making a creative business work.  
 There is just us, collaborating and figuring things out, together.

I will never pretend to have all the answers, but there are a few things I’m quite good at:

(please excuse me while I toot my own horn for a minute!)

Clarifying messaging

The biggest mistake many creative businesses make is that they don’t articulate their value clearly enough. I love working out how to give a brand a clear, central message, that your audience just gets.


This is why I’m a mentor, not a coach; I have lots of ideas and thoughts, and want to share them! I will also be a sounding-board for your ideas, and will always give  you my honest opinion whenever you ask.



Not the physical kind, but the mess that comes when we are in our businesses for too long and can no longer see them clearly. I like structuring and organising things in a way that makes sense to those on the outside. 


Running your own business can get a bit too much sometimes, and I will always listen and be a shoulder when you need one.  I’ve been exactly where you are now, and I know how tough it is.


Here are some things we can figure out together:  

* Your brand: who you are, what you do, and what you want to say. 

* Who your ideal client or customer actually is, what problems you solve for them, and what they take away from buying or working with you. 

* Why you are the person to help them, and what makes you different from everyone else (and how you can lean into and communicate this). 

* Your products or packages, and their pricing. 

* How to make your website work for you; how to structure and write it in a way that makes sense. 

* How to create content your audience finds valuable and will engage with; including creating and building an email list, blog posts, podcasts, and Instagram posts and stories.

* Your working routine, and how you can be more creative and productive.

* Your business model and streams of income: what’s working, what isn’t, and what might work in the future.

*Your hopes, fears, goals, dreams, worries, doubts, niggles and triumphs.

Some things I don’t believe in: 

Sleazy marketing tactics, playing on people’s insecurities and manipulative copy.

Chasing six-figures, or short-term “make money quick schemes”  

Hustle, and working all hours of the day and night, all the time. 

Doing what other people tell you you should do.

Waiting until everything is perfect, and trying to figure everything out in our heads without taking action.

Businesses built just to make money, that have a negative impact on the environment and those around them. 

Some things I do believe in: 

Honest, clear marketing and copy that creates connection and forges real relationships. 

Long term, financially sustainable businesses.

Protecting and nourishing our creativity.

Doing what works for you,  and how you want to do it. 

Taking action and trying things out. Learning from our mistakes, and not beating ourselves up about them.

Genuine, creative businesses built on real enthusiasm, real value and with environmental sustainability in mind. 

I want to work with you on your business. 

I don’t just want to offer platitudes or generic advice. I want to get in the trench with you. 

I want to be on your team. Someone to talk to when you’re having  tough day, week, or month. Someone to vent to, but also someone to take a deep breath with, and start to work through the problems you are currently facing. Someone to bounce ideas off-of, and someone to email excitedly when you’ve had a win.

I want to be your cheerleader, business partner, and supportive friend.

And while it will never be easy, I hope I can make it a little less difficult.

“Fiona was the missing link I needed to make my website a reality and I give her so much credit for the launch of The House of Less.  From the minute I started working with her, she made me feel at ease and comfortable. It never felt like an impersonal, business relationship, but rather a friendly dialogue between two peers. She has that rare ability to encourage you to open your mind and seek what it is you’re trying to put out there in the world.  She instinctively asks the right questions and most importantly, listens carefully to your responses. Somehow, she magically puts it all together to create exactly what has been on your heart and mind but has felt impossible to put into words. The window she helped me open has allowed an abundance of creativity to unleash itself in my life and in my writing.

Thank you Fiona, for all you’ve done to bring my story to life. Your expertise and encouragement mean more to me than you can imagine!”

Karen Hendley | The House of Less

You don’t have to do it alone: Creative Business and Brand Mentoring

What’s included:

  • 6 or 12 one-hour Skype calls (if you can get to Frome, or I travel near you during our time, we can have one or two in person over coffee!). We can talk about whatever you fancy, or open up a  Google doc and work on something together. We’ll end each session by agreeing a plan of action for the next couple of weeks. 
  • Two weekly office hours via Flock – an online community app. I’ll be online at two specified times a week when you’re welcome to pop-in and chat directly with me. You can update me on what’s going on, get some quick advice, or just have a chin-wag!
  • Unlimited email access. Feel free to send me any new website copy, blog posts or anything else you’d like some honest feedback on, or if you are having a difficult day and would like some help with something.
  • Weekly accountability (if you would like). I’ll email you every Monday asking what your goals are for this week, and then check-in again with you on Friday to see how you’ve got on. 
  • Me, by your side, every step of the way (priceless!) 

6 calls | 3 months: £750                                   12 calls | 6 months: £1200

(I offer payment plans to spread the cost – just ask!)

“Even after the first session, we had SO much more clarity (and this is our word of the year!). You have helped us step gently back from the business to view it with fresh eyes, and you’ve stepped back with us. We feel very much that you are part of our team and have understood who we are, what our business is, and what it means to us (our first baby!). Your gentle, encouraging, straight forward approach is helping us to shape the business into what we’ve always dreamt it could be.”

Sarah & Suzi |

If you are interested in working together, then let’s have a quick chat over Skype to get to know each other better.

(Zero pressure, it’s just to see if we are a good fit, and how I can help you best!) 

Or if you have any questions then pop me an email at fionabarrows {@} 

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