A weekly podcast for people brave enough to explore a less well-trodden path in life.

Each episode I have a conversation with someone who is living life a little differently, and offer support, insight and inspiration for listeners who are keen to do the same.

Whether it’s travelling the world, setting up your own creative business, or simply refusing to judge yourself by someone else’s definition of success, doing things differently can be scary, lonely and confusing. But hearing other people’s stories of how they have done it, and lived to tell the tale, can help.

That is what this podcast is for.

And introducing…


Reflections, resources and exercises inspired by the podcast. 

I started There Are Other Ways out of loneliness. I was fed up with seeing everyone else’s life choices corroborated by social media and society in general. I felt isolated and full of self-doubt about my own choices. 

But Season One of There Are Other Ways proved to me just how many of us are keen to live life a little differently; to make up our own rules and forge our own paths. So this season I want to take these conversations even further…

So I’m launching There Are More Ways, a paid weekly email to accompany the podcast. For the duration of the season (there will be 12 episodes) you will receive an email from me every Wednesday inspired by that week’s episode. 

It will be made up of three sections:  


A letter, from me, about why I chose to talk to this week’s guest, and futher thoughts on the main topic that we discussed.

These will be just as honest as my weekly Letter & Notes!


A list of resources to help you dive deeper into the main topic of the episode. These will include books (both fiction and non-fiction), podcasts, documentaries, art, articles and more.

All carefully curated by me.


A few thoughtful creative and journalling prompts and exercises to help you apply what you’ve heard and read to your own life. So you can continue the conversation, and lean into living your own life a little differently. 



AND exclusive access to:


Mini podcast episodes of book chat with my There Are Other Ways guests. 

Find out what book they’re currently reading, which book they wish they’d written, a book they’ve never finished and more… 

All of this for just £12. 

That’s a £ an email. Just in case you needed help with the maths!

So if you enjoy the podcast, and are keen to live your own life a little differently, then you can purchase There Are More Ways below. 

(you will also be subscribed to my weekly newsletter, Letter & Notes, if you’re not already)

Episode Sixteen: Maddy Lawson on life as a slow adventure

Episode Sixteen: Maddy Lawson on life as a slow adventure

This week I'm chatting to slow living blogger, Maddy Lawson. Maddy walked away from academic achievement and a "proper job" to work in a homeware store, and, then, more recently moved to Hampshire to live and work with her husband on a shepherd's hut site. I find her...