A few projects I’m particularly proud of:

Studio Peach | Website Copywriting

“Thank you so much for all your hard work on my content! I love the final copy and cannot wait to launch my website with words that tell my story so well! This has really been a huge relief to hand this over to you. Thank you so much! ”

Line I’m most proud of: “As a one-woman band still waiting for her letter from Hogwarts there is only so much I can do. “





SAYA Designs | Website copy-editing

“Fiona has been a non-stop saving grace during the set-up and launch of my website! I had such trouble and lost so much time deliberating how to explain the purpose behind my business, and she did it so effortlessly. I loved working with her and will have to stop myself from sending her every email or piece of content I ever upload! I am so grateful and could not have launched this website with the same magic without her!”



Pearpod | Website copywriting

Line I’m most proud of:  “We live in a very extrovert-oriented society, with a lack of spaces that acknowledge and nurture the introverted side of ourselves. I create these spaces.”

Zeal & Heart | Tagline and mission statement

Line I’m most proud of: “Wear your heart around your neck, and your dreams out loud” 



Sunside Studios | Tagline and mission statement

Line I’m most proud of: “Good design for good people doing good things”.