S3/E1: Sarah Mason on the feeling of home

Sarah Mason is a filmmaker and photographer, living in Yorkshire with her wife and business partner Suzi, and daughter Olive. They’ve been clients of mine for a little while now, and I’m constantly amazed by how consistently creative and explorative Sarah is.

Over a mug of tea (her) and coffee (me) we chatted about how she got into photography, the creative gap, what it’s like working with her wife, and the impact of Instagram on photography and how we interact with photos. We also talked about the idea that is at the heart of their business, and what Sarah is always trying to capture: the feeling of home. 

Sarah’s website | Sarah’s Instagram

(BTW, the photo I mention of me on the train eating a croissant was taken when I was about 4 or 5 years old – I forgot to say and listening back it sounded like it was taken a year or so ago! I’m a messy eater but not that messy!)