Are you feeling a little lost in your business?



Do you feel like you’ve lost your way a little recently?
That although you love your business or creative project, it isn’t quite giving you the same feelings of satisfaction and fulfilment it once did? 
Do you feel disparate and scattered online, and worry you don’t have a clear message or brand? 
Have you lost momentum, and don’t know what to focus on or do next?
Do you feel like you are fumbling through your business rather than moving forward with intention?
If any of these are true for you, then I’d really like to help.

So often we fall into the trap of thinking that we have to figure everything out ourselves. We think we can think our way out of our own confusion. Yet I know from my own experience that this isn’t always the case. 

We are too close to our own businesses and brands to see them clearly. We are too deep in the thick of the forest to be able to see the path we need to take, even if it is only a few metaphorical metres away. 

What we need is a fresh pair of eyes, and a new perspective. But mainly what we need is a conversation. A conversation with someone who just gets it.

And if you’d like, then I’d like to have that conversation with you. 

Through our conversation I’d like to help you to find a way forward.

I want you to leave feeling a little less confused, and a lot more hopeful. I want you to wake up the next morning knowing what it is you need to do and feeling excited to get down to it. 

While one conversation can’t solve everything, we can either focus on one specific problem or area you are struggling with, or take a broad bird’s-eye-view of your entire brand and business. Whatever you feel will be most useful. 

Together we can hash out a rough strategy for the next few months, or even year; work out which things you need to focus on, or which projects you need to bring to life first. We can talk through how to sell what you are offering in a way that feels good, rather than icky, and works to your personal strengths. We can pull together a cohesive brand for you from disparate threads, and work out your key messages. We can brainstorm ideas for how to put you in front of people who will connect with what you are saying, and will want to buy from you as well. We can talk through what is working and what isn’t, and figure out where you need to go to next.

(Obviously we can’t do all these things in one session, but we can definitely do one or two!)

Fiona captured the direction I wanted to move in better than I was able to do on my own, and that has definitely created more clarity. She also helped with structuring my thoughts into a coherent message, and helped me see options I hadn’t considered before which was really helpful.

I’m confident Fiona could help you with clarity and support in your business. She’s warm and really easy to talk to, and definitely helps you think things through more clearly. She’s also inspiring in a gentle way, not too pushy.”

Ruth Newton

The Anti-Hustle Project |

Strategy Sessions: Clarity through Conversation

One conversation can’t solve everything, but it (almost) always helps! 

What’s included: 

  • One 75 minute conversation with me over Skype (of if you live in, or can get to Frome, then at my local coffee shop – coffee or hot chocolate on me!).
  • An extensive questionaire beforehand to help  me understand where you are with your business so we can cut to the chase on our call!
  • Notes following our conversation with a few bullet pointed action steps for you to take. 
  • One month unlimited email support from me afterwards if you need to check something, or ask any futher questions. 



I purposefully keep spaces open specifically for strategy sessions, so there will (almost) always be one available within the next couple of weeks if not sooner. I do this because I know how horrible feeling lost and confused is, and once you’ve made the decision to get some help, you want it to happen as soon as possible!  If there isn’t a time that works for you please do send me an email (fionabarrows {@} and we can work something out. 

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Fiona came into my life at the exact moment I needed her. Drowning in a sea of thoughts re: how my business was growing and changing, I had no idea how to move forward. Fiona listened to me ramble on and on about it all, and asked clarifying questions that really helped me come back to myself. I finally feel like I know where I’m going, understand what my purpose is and have a long-term plan (for literally the first time ever).

Cait Flanders

author of The Year of Less

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