Clarify your message to connect and grow.


Helping creative businesses clearly articulate their message and use the compelling power of storytelling to grow with intention and integrity.

The internet is a noisy place. Standing out is hard. Sometimes it can feel like no one is listening to us.

But how do we get people to pay attention without shouting?

How do we sell without being overly-salesy? 

How do we really connect with people, and how to do we grow with integrity?

Well, I believe it all starts with “once upon a time..”

There is a reason our parents read us bedtime stories when we are little. It’s because they are easy for us to understand. Stories are how we understand things. 

They are powerful. Just think of the last time you tried to put down a really good book, or watched “just one more” episode on Netflix!

And as creative business owners, we can use that power.

We can use the structure of a story to clarify our message, and create a brand that people understand, connect and pay attention to. 

Hello, and welcome! I’m very pleased you are here.

I’m Fiona, and I help creative business owners get their message straight, and tell a captivating story with their brand. 

I’m a copywriter, yes,  but it’s not just about finding the right words for you (although I like to think I have a knack for that).

It’s about helping you find clarity, confidence and direction. It’s about helping you  build the impactful, meaningful, and profitable business you long for. 

I’m based in Frome, Somerset but work with creatives all over the world (ah, the wonder of Skype!).

I also create content for thoughtful creatives

(rather like your lovely self):

A Blog.

I write a blog about running a thoughtful and creative business, and living a simple and sustainable life. 

Letter & Notes.

Every Monday morning I share stories and insights from my own adventures in running a thoughtful, creative business. 

I also include notes on what I’ve been reading and listening to that week. 

(There are worse things to find in your inbox on a Monday morning, surely.)

There Are Other Ways.

Conversations About Living Life a Little Differently.

Season Two coming in September.