Living life a little differently can be lonely.

But you don’t have to do it alone. 


Hello, and welcome!

I’m Fiona, and I believe in living life a little differently: creatively and with intention. Yet I know from my own experience how lonely this can be. 

As a creative business mentor and brand strategist, I help creative business owners get through the difficult, sticky patches in their creative businesses and lives; find clarity, build momentum, and feel less alone.

I’m also a writer, the maker of the There Are Other Ways podcast, and an enthusiast of coffee shops, carrot cake and beeswax candles. 

I’m based in Frome, Somerset, but work with creatives all over the world (ah, the wonders of Skype!)

It was never going to be easy.

But it doesn’t have to be this hard.

Building your own creative business can be one of the most fulfilling, exciting, and wonderful ways of making a living.

We can be creative and express ourselves, build a community of like-minded people, create the freedom, space and flexibility we long for, make a real difference in the world, and, in time, generate a sustainable income.

But it can also be jolly hard (and I speak from experience here).

As creative business owners we all go through tough times.

We can get confused and flooded with self-doubt, unable to make decisions or move forward. We can struggle with knowing what will work, and second guess ourselves at every turn. We can tread water for months, and tie ourselves up in knots trying to figure it all out. 

We can feel overwhelmed, overlooked, scared and lonely. Like we are stuck in a deep trench, unable to see a way out.  

 I want to get in that trench with you.

I want to help you to find a way out to clarity, confidence and purpose. 

This is what my creative business mentoring is all about.

I also create content about living life a little differently:

A blog.

I write a blog about running a thoughtful and creative business, and living a simple and sustainable life. 

A weekly letter.

Every Monday morning I share stories and insights from my own adventures in running a thoughtful, creative business. 

I also include notes on what I’ve been reading and listening to that week. 

(There are worse things to find in your inbox on a Monday morning, surely.)

A podcast.

There Are Other Ways: Conversations About Living Life a Little Differently.

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